What is Life with Less?

We are a blog packed with tips, ideas, questions, answers, suggestions and help for everyday people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and live a simpler, healthier lifestyle. We judge our life choices and therefore our recommendations on three core values:

Is it sustainable?

Is it practical?

Is it affordable?

We live in the real world. We care deeply about our environment, human rights and animals but we also have jobs, dreams, budgets and time constraints. We’re realistic about what will work with our lifestyle and are constantly weighing up options in order to find the best sustainable, practical, affordable solution.

We’re plastic haters, book lovers, writers, travellers, teachers, money savers, DIYers, coffee lovers, cooks, hikers and dreamers. In a world that’s constantly looking for more, we’re searching for a life with less.

What are we not?

We’re not perfect. We don’t do absolutes. While we strive to be as sustainable, practical and affordable as possible, we sometimes do things that go against all of these, hey, we’re humans!

We aren’t vegetarians, vegans, zero-waste or minimalists but we try to reduce our consumption of meat, dairy, plastic and we own very little.

We’re not here to judge. Everyone’s circumstances are different and change comes in small steps so even reading this is one little step towards your life with less.

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